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A. Rizzo


Alberto Rizzo is an interior designer based in Mallorca, with a career of great national and international reach. He has completed projects in Marbella, Madrid, Ibiza, Mallorca, Bucharest and Esturgar.

He studied at the School of Decorative Arts in Valencia where he graduated as a Senior Interior Design Technician.

He began his professional career in Mallorca with Balaguer Gestiones Decorativas as Head of the Technical Department, carrying out contract projects and interior designs with an excellent team of architects and designers.

Eventually he began to work exclusively on contract projects, providing a personalized service to his clients with exclusive and innovative designs, and managing the projects with a degree of technical experience in construction management which gives his clients confidence that the projects will be executed perfectly, taking care of every last detail.

In addition, he has collaborated with major firms on the design of furniture, taps and ceramics, creating innovative and exclusive designs.

“I consider myself one of those lucky people who has had the opportunity to dedicate the last two decades to their greatest passion: interior design and furniture design projects.”

Rigorous and detail-oriented, passionate about playing the piano and extreme sports, his commitment to each project is absolute and unconditional.

He aspires to perfectionism in all aspects of the creative process, leading him to design many of the pieces of furniture in order to create spaces which are as unique and exclusive as melodies.

His modern and timeless style, impervious to the lure of fleeting trends, opts for warm and elegant interiors, without losing sight of the functionality of the space.


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